About Zely & Ritz

Our Mission

Zely & Ritz is all about fresh, organic, locally grown dishes. The food is beautifully presented, intensely flavorful and simply delicious. Chef Sarig uses local organic ingredients in unexpected ways to create fantastic culinary works of art.

What makes Zely & Ritz so special is that over half of our ingredients come from our farm, Coon Rock Farm. We are the only local restaurant that has its own farm delivering fresh produce and meats every day.

Coon Rock Farm is a sustainable family farm in Hillsborough, NC that provides us with organically grown heirloom vegetables and heritage breed pasture-raised meat and eggs. Our vegetables are never chemically treated and our livestock is humanely raised and antibiotic and hormone free. The food we grow and serve is raised simply and sustainably and we make every effort to take care of the land that takes such good care of us.

We also support and buy from over 50 other local farmers. We believe that good food is important and that where you eat and what you eat is a choice that affects not only your personal well-being but also that of the planet. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible choices in good, healthy, and delicious food.

Our Eno Partners

Piedmont Restaurant

401 B2 Foster Street
Durham, NC

Piedmont is first and foremost about the food and the ingredients with respect to the connection between the land and the plate. The cuisine is Contemporary American, seasonally focused and ingredient driven. Our menu changes daily based on what is currently available. Our mission is to provide access to well prepared, sustainably raised, local food. We use only local produce, seafood and meats from sustainable businesses to showcase the diversity of North Carolina foodstuffs. We focus on sourcing the best ingredients from local, sustainable producers with our guide being Coon Rock Farm. We are an elegantly casual restaurant that welcomes both the everyday diner as well as the special occasion gathering.

Coon Rock Farm

1021 Dimmocks Mill Road
Hillsborough, NC

Coon Rock Farm began in 2005 as a sustainable family farm providing garden crops and pasture-raised antibiotic and hormone-free chicken, eggs, pigs, lamb, cattle and goats. The farm’s 55 acres is nestled along a bend in the Eno River just outside Hillsborough, NC. The farm concentrates on “sustainably taking care of the land while letting it take care of us.” The soil is fertilized by the animals through intense rotational grazing, cover cropping, and composting. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used. Already a fixture in local kitchens, Coon Rock Farm produce, meat and eggs are known throughout the Triangle thanks to its’ participation in area farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture programs.